Canadian photographer: Michael Graydon

It is amazing what a journey one image can take you on.  I fell in love with this kitchen on Pinterest. I love everything about it most of all the white and light.  Not to mention the fireplace.

Tracing the photographer source I found Michael Graydon. First I looked at his images which are soulful, rich, thoughtful and quiet. I wanted to know more. Then I read his bio. Another Toronto trip down memory lane for me. (Those new to the blog, I am from Toronto and delight in tripping over the amazing and creative threads that lead me back to my hometown). Michael grew up in Unionville, where my dear Aunt B. and Uncle B. have lived forever. Many a memory for me in Unionville. In looking back through his images I recognize signs of Northern Ontario. A canoe on a quiet lake, a dusting of snow at a farm in Creemore much like the one we had growing up. Webers. Oh heavens Webers. The best most amazing burger place on earth. I dream about it. What a sweet surprise Michael Graydon was for me today. And a reminder of the power of photography to take you places in your imagination and your memory that are a comfort.  That's what happened to me today with Michael's work.  

If you look back to the post I wrote before the Thanksgiving weekend, it was about KINFOLK magazine.  Looks like Michael and Kinfolk are acquainted... which makes perfect sense. 

So all in all, to sum it up:

Michael is an amazing photographer and his work is worth spending time enjoying.

He is from Toronto as am I. Not only that but Unionville where I have strong family ties which was a sweet bonus after deciding I loved his work. 

He shoots things I recognize, like Creemore. Not many folks know Creemore outside of Toronto.

It made me very happy to spend time looking at his images for all of the above-mentioned reasons.  

I encourage you to do the same. Especially ad-land friends. 
It is a broad range of work from soulful and rich to light and crisp.  
Not many people do both of those things well.  

You can see more of Michael's work here.  
It is a lovely portfolio and I encourage you to take a peek. 

all images: Michael Graydon 

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