1. Who are you?
You can read a bit about me in the 'about this' section. In a previous life I worked for 20 years at many a fine ad agency as a photography producer and Creative Services Director. 

2. What is Canvas Interiors?
It is a furniture store that Mr. K (see #5) and I concepted and created together. Lots of white everywhere, functional slipcovers, accessories, and a relaxed beachy vibe. 

3. Can I order Canvas Interiors products online and do you ship?
Yes! Please visit the website.

If you have any questions about anything you see on the website you can contact the store directly by emailing hello@canvasinteriors.com.  The lovely and highly talented staff can help you with anything from a simple question, to a full room redesign. They can put together endless tear sheets of specific products to show you. 

4. Where is the Canvas Interiors store?  
There are 2 locations:  Altamonte Springs and Jacksonville Florida.  You can see more images of the store and view our collection on the Facebook page or Instagram. (or find maps to our locations on our website ). 

5. Who is Mr. K?  
That would be my talented husband who has a background in graphic design and has been traveling the world as a furniture buyer for many years. He is also really smart. He is what gives the canvas interiors vision its street cred.  He knows how to find it, buy it and get it here on a container from far flung places. He has extensive experience in the furniture industry. He works his bootie off. He is super talented and a really nice guy. 

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