a confession

I'm wiped out.  Yup.  Toast. 

Mr. K had knee surgery last week and is in bed til this Friday with various electronics and machines hooked up to his leg. I am the nurse.  And no it is not as naughty as it sounds as I have not slept much nor do I look all that cute. 

Small K is home with croupe and needing his mommy.  Extra-Small K is bouncing with the energy a 4 year old has and needs attention from mommy.  

Trying to keep it together and sound sane while posting is a stretch.  So... I'll pop in here and there over the next week or so but I'll be short on words. I need to focus on the house of K's. 

A pretty picture here and there, perhaps another blog to share to keep you occupied 
while I juggle the stuff going on here Chez K.  

Thanks for checking in - I do so appreciate it!  

image found here: and i think its by amy neunsinger

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