a word about KINFOLK : food for thought

Today I leave you with some homework over the holiday weekend. Follow this list o' links to discover, if you haven't already, KINFOLK Magazine and what makes it tick. It is truly refreshing.  

The idea of gathering with friends. The idea of amazing photography. The idea of a printed magazine. Printed. I am a print junkie and have been since my early teens.  Magazines (the real and good ones) are few and far between these days this is a beautiful one. 

So while you are drinking tea, relaxing with family, eating lots of yummy stuff, thread through these  links and enjoy.  Slow down. Take a deep breath. It will take you a while to soak it all in.  And the journey I will send you on from here is worth the time...

Start here:  the interview with Editor-in-Chief Nathan Williams to hear about the heart of the magazine. (Steven Alan's lovely blog)

Then go here to see some beautiful photography (Emmadime's lovely blog.)

Then go here to see more of the photographers (Woodland Photography) who shot that beautiful photography above and below.

Then go here for a glimpse inside Nathan and Katie Williams' lovely world (their blog).

And last but not least, spend some time: here at KINFOLK magazine. 

Check out every section. Linger. Look at the 'dinners' section and see if there is one coming to your city.  I can't say enough how much I love this concept and the photography and most importantly the perspective of KINFOLK.  

KINFOLK embodies the spirit of gathering, visiting, enjoying meals with friends and family. It reminds us to slow down and enjoy life's quiet moments. 

Best of all for me, it takes me back to the pure creativity that still lives and breaths in this digital age.  I am a child of print.  Raised on big chunky magazines, I worked in the print medium for-lets-just-say-ever. Produced photoshoots, managed the people producing the photoshoots and spent many many hours looking at, editing and sourcing beautiful images. In my off hours I waited like a little puppy with my steamy latte on Fillmore St. at the doors of Juicy News for it to open so I could spend an hour buying $50 worth of mags. Every weekend. That was the life. Coffee, UGG boots (yes I don't apologize for wearing them), and Juicy News.  The perfect SF weekend.  

I give you that little peek into my SF days because that is what KINFOLK does for me.  Takes me back to a time that I cherish and reminds me that I can still create those moments today.  You still with me?  I hope so. Because this post will take you all weekend to digest and its totally worth it. Much like your Thanksgiving feast. 


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  1. love the sentiment behind this post, cat. san francisco misses you too. xo


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