Dec 14, 2016


Are you leaving things til the last minute like me?  Just ordered holiday cards. Check. Just placed a frantic Amazon order. Check. Just got the proper extension cord for the tree. Check. So if you are wondering what to wear for the next few weeks head on over to SHOPBOP as they have a great sale going on. 

Here's the deal: Shop the sale and use code EXTRA30 for additional savings on sale items

Everything you see here is on sale PLUS an extra 30% off (except for the jeans but they are a style staple at a good price so I threw them in).

Throw on a dress (um, Self Portrait on sale and an additional 30% off folks) long or short, or skinny black jeans with over the knee boots and a Rails topper. I tried to cover fancy to casual for you. So now all you need to do is add that rush shipping and you are all set! I'm headed there now. Rush shipping? Check. 

Dec 2, 2016


The holiday season parties start tonight and juggling kids and school work and the usual 'I have no idea what I'm wearing and I'll throw it on when the babysitter arrives' I know one thing. I need a very quick beauty routine as I'm grabbing my party duds and running out the door.

Here are my favorites that get me dewy glowy and a little color on my face. Since I rarely wear makeup I think it is really a thrill for my friends to see I do actually have the skills to put on a little eyeliner and perhaps if I'm feeling really luxurious with time... eye shadow. A prep glass of wine and a bit of this and that and voila. Party ready. Keep it simple I say. And whatever you do, don't forget that glass of wine. 

Nov 28, 2016


While I was digesting my last piece of pumpkin pie (really) I realized it was time to dust off the gift giving list here in blog town. My first one is easy peasy. Gifts for under $100 from the India Hicks lifestyle collection.  My current obsession is the Extraordinary Oil. I'm totally copying India and using it everywhere. Hair, nails, face. I look 10 years younger. Well not really. But it is Extraordinary. 

A little insider hint: The Firefly and Count Your Lucky Stars Flat Stanley are said to be selling out this week. They are two of my favorites and clearly others agree. 

These links will jet you right to them. 

Shop the entire collection with me here including pretty gift boxes tied with red ribbons that you can have shipped directly to your friends and family. 

Nov 17, 2016


Well hello old friend!  So nice to see you.  I have taken a nice long break from blogging to recharge and experience life without being attached to my computer. It feels good to be back with a fresh perspective. 

The last little while has been a whirlwind filled with new experiences and old friends. Our event last week at Canvas Interiors was an intersection of all of those things. 

We hosted the ever delightful India Hicks and Linda Griffin of The Sugar Mill. They brought gorgeous fall fashion to Canvas Interiors and of course we added the latest from the India Hicks lifestyle collection to the mix. 

An old high school friend of Mr. K's who conveniently owns a distillery, designed a specialty welcome drink called 'The Sugar Mill' with their Dog Island Rum. How great is that? Serving two locals from the Bahamas a local Florida rum.

The clothes were beautiful, the IH collection was a hit and I had the most wonderful time being in the middle of all that goodness.

It was one of those nights that truly fills me with gratitude and happiness. Gratitude for the wonderful friends in our life and happiness that we get to celebrate with them.  

The Sugar Mill cocktail: 
2 sprigs mint
1 part Dog Island Silver Rum
1 splash Elderflower liqueur
1 part apple juice
1 part tonic

Serve over ice w a fancy straw.

Jun 7, 2016


Thank you for stopping by the blog! 
I will be taking a little blog break this summer and doing some reflecting and relaxing.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and I'll be back later this summer.

You can always stop back here to shop our very own Canvas Interiors 
or the lovely India Hicks Collection if the mood strikes you.
In the meantime have a beautiful summer!


May 28, 2016

May 23, 2016


For those of you reading locally our other baby Canvas Interiors is having a floor model sale happening today through May 30th in all three locations.  If you are reading from afar, check out our clearance section for ongoing markdowns.  

Local friends stop in and see what we've got cooking! Lots of floor models ready to come home with you and a new lighting gallery being installed in Winter Park.  Stay tuned for that exciting news. We can't wait to tell you about it. 

May 20, 2016

May 18, 2016


It is that time of year where the end of school is coming at me like a freight train and school schedules seem to be speeding up before coming to a screeching halt. It stresses me out. To combat this I decided to have an India Hicks Get Together at my home. Bare feet, a few lovely friends and some mid-day prosecco is all a girl needs.

I'm going to share a few snaps from the party and extend a virtual invitation to you to shop the Get TogetherThe link will be open for a few more days. Take a look around!  I'll describe what you see below and I encourage you to travel with a little India Hicks spring in your step this summer. 

Great weekender bags, packable tote bags, beautiful new jewelry. The other thing I find a summer essential besides my beloved white tee is being stocked with hostess gifts. Summer is the perfect time for last minute bbq's and such. Always good to have a couple of goodies in your closet for the hosts in your life. 

You can shop my summer getaway event link here. Or click on direct links to individual items listed under each image. 

the situation 

everybody's favorite, the Eleuthera tote and uber-useful Beetle Bags
add a Junkanoo tassel and go

new to the collection, the Treasure boxes and No Hassle Tassel necklaces
collection favorites pictured are the Agra Tassel, Flat Stanley pouch and Indi Pendants (you need to purchase the Indi ring too)

 My new favorite, the  Riviera collection with soft duffles, totes, baby Riviera bags, wash bags, and gorgeous hand made baskets. Here are a few links to get your started

Now that you are packed, here is a list of great host/hostess gifts to throw in your Riviera Basket

The square box on the right of the table is a gift box filled with a Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, or you can buy them individually, a few listed below. The Casuarina is my personal fav and the other scents are lovely too. 

Here is a link to another gift box in the English Rose  scent which includes other goodies besides the hand wash and lotion.  Stash a couple of these in your closet and tie a sweet summer ribbon around it for the perfect gift. 

A few other great ideas: 

Taking off with the perfect weekender bag and having a few hostess gifts at the ready has never been easier.  Happy trails. 

May 13, 2016