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Over the last 6 months I have found images of one person in particular whose street style I love.  When I look through tumblr and pinterest I am really not focused on anything other than enjoying the visual ride.  And then it dawned on me... this girl who keeps showing up in my INSPIRE / DESIRE collages is Zina.  Today I share with you Zina's blog,

From ladylike to leather (paired with converse which of course I love) to casual boyfriends, Zina creates looks that inspire me to run to my closet and repurpose things for a fresh vibe.  She credits all items with shopping sources from Zara to Chanel. Proving you don't need head to toe Chanel to be fashionable... you need a little inspiration from blogs like Zina's.  

Her tone is lovely, she writes a little bit here and there and shares images of stylish details. 

All in all a lovely blog. I do hope you enjoy checking it out. 

all images: fashionvibe

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