slightly obsessed: Malgosia Bela

This week has turned in to a bit of a fashion week. Totally going with the flow here and writing what catches my eye when it catches my eye. I don't have a master plan of posts, or a schedule of topics. I just kind of wing it and hope you enjoy the ride.  

My latest obsession is this image from the other day's post. It is one of my favorite images of late.

It keeps popping into my head for a couple of reasons.  I love (love love love) the dress. And the energy of the image is so refreshing. So I dug a little deeper and found the whole shoot  here.

Malgosia Bela by photographer Greg Kadel, Vogue Spain July 2011.

In the spirit of holiday fancy-ness I thought I would share these today. 

Fantastic photography always stays with me so I had to dig deeper. 
I have satisfied my curiosity.  Hope you enjoyed!

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