giveaway: GORGEOUS coffee table book IN THE GARDEN

Today I am excited to share with you a fabulous new coffee table book and guess what?  I will be giving one away! Instructions to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

The book is called In the Garden by photographer Stacy Bass, with essays written by Suzanne Gannon.  It is a peaceful visual journey through some of the most beautiful and private gardens in New England.  Stacy has an eye for composition and an ability to make you feel like you are standing in the garden at sunrise. This isn't just a pretty picture book of flowers, this is beauty and inspiration all rolled into one.

image #1

It is made all the more special by the stories of the people who created these gorgeous settings. The thing that strikes me about this book is that I actually sat down to read it. There is a unique story behind each garden and each one is told by Stacy's images with care.  It makes for more than just a pretty coffee table book.

One woman pined away for 7 years for her dream property and finally left an "I would love to buy your house" note for the owner in the mailbox and it worked. Two fashion industry insiders sought a weekend getaway and created such a gorgeous garden it is now on the local garden tour. Each story illustrates the creative process that goes in to not only designing a garden, but having the vision and passion to make it a reality. Stacy captures this passion beautifully. 

One gentleman whose 'hobby' has spanned 13 years has created a rambling classical English garden free of chemicals.  His story includes wine-fueled weeding parties with friends and a treehouse built over a stream.

This book is a visual journey through the hearts of the people who have created beauty around them.

 image #2

image #3

image #4

 image #5

image #6

image #7

image #8

Now, for the fun part!

Do these two simple steps:

1.  go to the canvasstyle facebook page  and 'like' it
2.  PLUS, leave a comment on the canvasstyle facebook page about which image you like the best and why
(be sure to do both 'like' and comment or the entry won't count)

Make sure to leave your contact info (email address preferable) with your comment so we can get in touch with the lucky winner!

My favorite is image #5 for the symmetry, pristine white pool house and the silver balls floating in the pool!

the GIVEAWAY is open from Wed August 1 thru Sunday August 5th.   
We will contact the winner Tuesday August 7th!  

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