dispatch: Harbour Island day 3

There are many great things about Harbour Island and I will share a few more with you today.  Get your coffee, this is a long one...

I will start with the hotel we have stayed in for the last 3 years in a row, the Coral Sands.  Kid friendly (although we usually arrive sans kids)  and right on the beach it is a fun spot with just the right amount of laid back island vibe mixed with quiet luxury.

Pamela the General Manager couldn't have been more helpful to us in arranging a cocktail party for our friends. She is a gem.  We had a wonderful stay from delicious coffee and breakfast in the morning to the ever-smiling Teejay in the bar to start our evening off right.

Coral Sands Hotel

the lobby

outdoor dining on the porch

casual slipcovered seating

outdoor seating

little details

the porch

the walk to the beach and beachside dining

After a morning on the beach the day goes something like this...

Stroll along the beach to the Sip Sip for lunch

take the stairs from the Sip Sip...

...back to the beach

At around 4pm, we usually drive into town for a little exploring.  Inevitably I stop to chat and find people who attended my high school in Toronto, or neighboring schools. It always makes me feel all the more at home. To be in the Bahamas and see my school uniform on a beautiful young girl in a picture at the Landing Hotel makes me smile.  And speaking of the Landing, it is gorgeous, we had a fantastic dinner there, but I didn't take many pictures that night.  This is my favorite:

Check out the website for this also-fabulous spot. 

 Mr. K. deep in thought

This little boy was telling Mr. K. all about that boat

yours truly outside the Blue Rooster

(see Tuesday's post  to tour an art gallery, clothing store and two hotels)

My favorite stop in town is the Sugar Mill (India Hicks' and Linda Griffin's gem)

It is a store filled with beautiful things curated in a wonderfully cheeky way. Super cool kids toys and clothes sit next to skull and crossbones t's, gold skulls rest next to a pink dress, a wooden deer head hangs like an accessory over a canvas bag.  The collection of items is thoughtful and displayed to perfection. A visit here always inspires me.  

Next its back home at about 6pm for dip in the pool, shower, and cocktail at the Coral Sands bar. 

Then its in to the golf carts and into town for dinner...

I will do two posts tomorrow... unusual for a Friday but I need to share a particularly inspiring dinner place and one more hotel.  I'm guessing you have read enough today, and I must get back to reality. 
I will post the last of Harbour Island tomorrow plus the Friday image later in the day.

 I'm thinking about fall clothes and back to school for next week...

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