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I consider myself pretty low-maintenance.  However, I am excited to try new things... here are a few beauty goodies I have my eye on... some old standbys, some new finds.  It is about this time in the summer that I start longing for a nice deep cleansing facial and some serious deep conditioning hair treatments.  Booking both of those appointments today.  In the meantime, I am curious about these little goodies:

Josie Maran hot oil treatment... I am seeing more and more of her line around 
and am interested to try something - could be this self-heating hot oil treatment.

Philip B. rejuvenating oil... I used to use this in LA years ago after he cut my hair in his little salon before he was so major.  He is a sweet fella and this oil is amazing. You soak it in to dry hair overnight and it makes a huge difference.  I had forgotten about it but think its time to try it again. 

Now this I have used for at least 20 years.  But I always have the tins - going to try the tube!

I just love the name of this... Divine Oil.  I think I must have some. 

I am so excited to try this Korres Cheek Butter!  I love the packaging, love the fact that it is all natural and love the fact that I can throw it on with my fingers as I am running out the door.  

All in all the goal is good skin, de-frizz the mane, and glow just a little as I dash out the door.
Wish me luck. 

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