House of Gwyneth

Last fall, Veranda magazine unveiled the 'House of Windsor', a spectacular 8,000 sq. foot Georgian masterpiece headed up by Windsor Smith and decorated by Windsor and 9 other designers.  A designer show house with the coolest overall outcome I have seen in a while.  So cool in fact that Gwyneth (Paltrow) and Chris (Martin) decided to buy it.  

Here are some images from the home.  It is full of intimate spaces, cozy colors and interesting textures.  Add to that an eclectic mix of furniture and all the pieces work together to make an incredibly warm space.  I can picture Gwyneth in the kitchen whipping up something yummy for her family.  My guess is she'll redecorate a few of the rooms as some of them are 'concept house' over-the-top. My other guess is she'll leave the dressing room as is - check out the bathtub!

spectacular kitchen

 entry hall

a corner of the family room 

great room

 master bedroom

master dressing room

 outdoor nook


Truly the only way to experience this home short of getting a dinner invite from Gwennie is to watch this Veranda home tour.  Its amazing.

I could spend hours on the virtual home tour 
pretending I am walking from room to room 
with a cup of tea in my hand, 
my favorite LA light streaming through the windows. 
I think Gwennie will love it.

images found: here 

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