Toronto photographer Virginia MacDonald

I was born and raised in Toronto and have had a bunch of random encounters and conversations about my hometown lately. It makes me miss it and want to get back for a visit. It is such a vibrant and creative city. There are so many new restaurants and shops to explore since I was there last and I am feeling a very big itch to take Mr. K there this fall and show him where I come from. We've never been together and I think it would be an inspiring adventure.  

So it is no surprise that one of my favorite mags is Canadian House and Home. One of the photographers who shoots for them often is Virginia MacDonald and I thought I would share some of her images with you today.  She always delivers such beautiful work for C H&H and it is a treat to look at. 

Her work is so well edited in-camera.  I love how she brings out the detail in a room by keeping the overall framing and subject simple.  Natural light and a keen eye for detail create a calm place for your eye.  It is statement-making work without being too fussy.  Simple, graphic and fresh.  

In my past life as an Art Buyer (one who sources photographers and produces photo shoots) 
her work is the promo piece that would catch my eye if it landed on my desk.  

Check out her website (especially her personal work) here.  
It is full of beautiful work to feed your creative side.

Read her bio too - very charming and funny.

I'll be looking into flights today.  
I can picture the whole trip right now...

Perhaps a Toronto tour on the blog in the fall?

And maybe a glass of wine with Virginia... 
I just received the nicest email from her and I have a feeling we would have a lot to talk about.

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