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I would like to pull the curtain back on my little secret... sometimes I like to shop at surf shops with the tweens.

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Sometimes even in the mall.  Yes, I did say surf shop and mall in the same sentence. I just bought my absolute favorite tank top of the summer at.... the mall.... in a store called Inland Ocean.  It was $39.

Its this cute little Roxy number  and I adore it - have worn it twice this weekend - once with skinnies and then with boyfriends. Next up in the rotation will be white jeans.

It looks quite fun in orange too...

I have a soft spot for Roxy, Quicksilver and Billabong.  They make girly flirty pieces that add just the right amount of cool chick vibe and carefree flavor to summer.  You have to weed through some of the 'tween' stuff to find what suits you but I always find a little something to make my summer just a little bit brighter.  

Besides shopping, the other thing I like about spending time on these sites is that they showcase a sunny 'girl power' spirit. These companies sponsor amazing athletes and to read about their adventures is exciting and inspiring.  The sites below all have blogs and chronicle team travels and competitions. The sites are also very tapped in to social media - I have to say it keeps me fresh and feeling like with a little wind in my hair I can kick a little you-know-what like these surf and snow girls.  

The photography is usually good - some sites better than others but take for example billabong's landing page - love the energy. 

my favorite sites

No matter what your age, spending time on these sites will get you back in touch with that summer girl inside you.  The one, in my case, who wore Hang Ten all summer in Toronto and pretended I  lived Cali.  

From Coachella fashion tips to art to music, to world class athletes,
these brands provide content 
that actually keeps me coming back.  
Its not just the cute tops.

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