a week of white: INTERIORS

As you have perhaps figured out - I like white.  I like the easy nature of it and you might be thinking "easy with kids - what?"  It really is.  Slipcovers, washable surfaces, a little elbow grease and voila. I could live quite happily in an all white house with splashes of color and texture here and there (one small detail... Mr. K. actually likes color).

And contrary to the opinion that it could be boring, the beauty is it can be anything you want it to be.  Not locked in to one look, you can change the feeling of the space on a whim.  Warm it up with organic wood, crisp it up with apple green pillows. Must be my Gemini nature...

easy breezy


old & new

chunky texture

soft and welcoming

clean and contemporary

organic and interesting

fresh and simple

I could go on and on... suffice it to say that white interiors and sunshine 
bring me a lightness of being.

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