little luxuries

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the lost art of actually sitting at a dressing table and, well, dressing.  Taking the luxury of time to think about your day and what mood you might be in.  Pretty and girly? Tomboy chic? Beachy boho?  Gamine?

Reality:  You have 5 minutes to get ready - pick up whatever is in your path, put it on and run.  Kids up at 5:45 (really?), breakfast, lunch-making, school drop offs,  oh, and maybe a shower?  

The little mirrored tray that you saw in yesterday's post is a place for me to take a second to focus on my favorite things. The tray itself is a favorite thing. My parents gave it to me - a treasure from an antique shop in Scotland.  It has meaning, its pretty, and it makes all my mornings just a bit more ....well, luxurious.  

Next time you walk by a little antique shop 
think about stopping in and finding a little something for your special goodies. 

These are the simple pleasures that add up to making a life of (your) style.

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