As much as I have an obsession with chunky arm candy right now, my eye immediately went to these beautiful images below while tumbling (check out 'a picture a day' page above).  One of the tumblr tags led me to a very talented jewelry designer in LA, Gabriela Artigas.  The images below are from her collection and they are so beautiful.  

I think the balance of chunky arm stuff and delicate finger pretties is just right.  Big watch, statement bracelets and delicate little rings.  I am loving Gabriela's style and these images express it perfectly.  The unexpected petiteness of these rings with a giant chunk of a watch is ..... 

...what I would like to add to my little tray above. 

I am now in ' pretty little ring mode' thanks to Gabriela Artigas. 

images 1...4  found: here
image 5: moi
tumblr trail: here

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