The Shopbop friends and family sale is on now through tomorrow. Use the code INTHEFAM25.

Its all on sale folks - even the sale is on sale.  I suggest you do a quick little hop skip over to Shopbop.

They only do this a couple of times a year and it is a great time to stock up on big ticket items. I talked about this with the Nordstrom sale - use these sales to finally get the thing you have had your eye on.

My strategy right now:

One great party dress

One expensive 'trend':

I've been holding off on the Rails trend as I just can't spend that much on one shirt. However, the things are so darn soft and comfy I finally closed the deal and put one in my cart. And my friends will be happy to see me in something other than a white tee this fall. A little pattern! Oh my!

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