As you will see in the coming days I have Harbour Island on the brain. We are counting down to our departure and the familiar feeling of happy toes in that sand cannot get here soon enough.  In the meantime there is much work to be done. So I'm indulging my excitement about our trip by tying it together with our Canvas Interiors Harbour Island Collection.

From its inception our brand was born with a personality. We are not just a computer warehouse selling furniture.  We really do live and breath Canvas Interiors and have a strong desire to create a lasting brand.  We want you to be able to feel something when you shop with us. Thus our 'shop your style' was born. It was a way for us to add a filter for you that might make your shopping experience easier. A sense of story, a sense of place.  Maybe you can identify with a feeling or a memory when you look at our collections.  Hopefully it ignites a creative spark that helps you design your spaces.

Here is how to find the 'shop your style' collections: 

And to indulge my excitement I'm sharing a few goodies from our Harbour Island collection.  This collection is light and breezy.  It has a touch of tradition with an eclectic global mix.  

Add a giant votive of sand from your favorite beach and put it on our Casablanca coffee table for instant island style.  Add  bits of color with pillows and throws and you have it. Ahhhhhhh. 

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