I stumbled upon images of this hotel on AD and immediately fell in love. If Canvas Interiors was a hotel, this would be it. The 1 Hotel + Residences in South Beach. 

New York Design firm Meyer Davis transformed the old Gansevoort hotel in to this understated and truly eco-conscious oasis. Starwood Hotel Group created the new brand 1 Hotels, developed by Barry Sternlicht,  the creative force behind the W Hotels and St. Regis hotel brands. The idea of taking a concept from a germ of an idea to a full blown brand statement like this one is something that I truly get excited by. Beyond a brand, this hotel group philosophically believes in doing things differently in order to preserve our natural surroundings.  Read more about that here

Canvas Interiors was that germ of an idea and to see something like this hotel gets my creative juices flowing even more. It is so exciting to see passion for an idea come to life.  After working in advertising for so long and producing work that comes and goes - it is really awesome to make an idea come to life. And stay. Bricks and mortar, a place people can come to gather. A place that reflects a lifestyle. So. Fun. 

This is inspiring and gets my creative wheels turning. Now if only I could find a 70's condo to gut and re-do. And perhaps open a Canvas Interiors in South Beach? Hmmmm... now there is the germ of an idea. 

1 Hotels

images: AD  / Meyer Davis 

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