I have been on the hunt for the perfect black summer wedge.  Sounds simple enough right?  I don't do heels well. I do TOMS and Converse well. So when I need a little height I have to go for a wedge. I have always loved a good espadrille. However finding a black one that looks refined enough to dress up but casual enough to dress down has proven challenging.

I have collected some that I like here... I must warn you some of these are rather expensive (Burberry, Lanvin... ) however I collected them none-the-less.  I assembled both espadrilles and black wedges. Some of these are dressier than others but they all share one thing in common. Refined.  

After much (too much) searching I think I have settled on this one:

These will work with a FBD (Floaty Black Dress) or rolled up boyfriends. Done and done. 

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