Every now and then I pop in here in blog-land with the other side of life... Canvas Interiors.  I'm going to try to do that a bit more often here so you can see where I am if I'm not blogging.  A bit of a juggling act for sure. Don't want you to think I'm asleep at the wheel. If you don't find me here you can find me on Instagram daily both for the store and the blog

A lot of new pillows have arrived including the John Robshaw sweet camel guy and the beautiful grey one (middle row far right).

When new things arrive its fun to rearrange. Even the most subtle shift on the floor makes everything feel fresh and new.

And this was fun... opened the garage door and looked back.  Thanks Nikki for making me look at things differently that day!

You can see our collection by heading to our website and keep up with daily shots from the showroom floor by following Canvas Interiors on instagram. Or stop in and see us in Altamonte Springs, Jacksonville or Winter Park FL. 

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