Heartfelt fun was had last Thursday at a luncheon to celebrate the launch of India Hick's new business venture. We hosted a gathering of 40 friends at our new venture - Canvas Interiors in Winter Park FL.

As you may or may not know Mr. K and I have soft spot for a particular island in the Bahamas.  As a longtime lover of and visitor to Harbour Island, I understand where India lives. I can tell you that the beetle you see on her packaging means something to her. That the fragrance and body care products are reminiscent of the island.  

India's new line of products are luxurious and approachable. Well crafted and affordable. These traits are a direct reflection of who she is and the path she has taken to get here. From a life imbued with tradition and history to family life on an island in the Bahamas you feel her sense of adventure and that her journey has shaped her unique sensibilities.  

Her natural charm combined with her ambition to stand on her own two feet have met in full force in her new lifestyle brand.  India has taken what is special about her past and present and put it into this collection.

Passionate about empowering women to live life on their own terms India is forgoing the traditional shopping experience and creating a network of entrepreneurial women selling the line in their own homes.

We had a lot of laughs, drank some wine and shopped. Look at our sweet friend K below getting a hands-on tassel tutorial from India.

To host her here in our new venture, Canvas Interiors was a poignant and warm experience. I feel a kindred spirit with India and admire her drive. We brought together a fantastic group of people. Women blazing new trails, working hard, creating something. It was a perfect fit.

Learn more about India's new business and products here, on 

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