From fashion week posts to flea markets thats how I roll. This is my collection of white (go figure) flea market pottery that I have been amassing since I lived in LA and got the Rose Bowl Flea Market bug. That would put me at about age 23. No need to do the math but suffice it to say this collection has been with me for a long time.  In fact this image below is from my apartment in SF circa early 2000's.

Bold move - I took the collection to Canvas Interiors to house flowers for our 3rd location's Grand Opening party tonight.  It feels strange not to have my little white vases greeting me at home. Our Manager Joanne says I may never get them back.  

Good thing I am getting up at the crack of dawn to go to Rennigers Flea Market Extravaganza the morning after our opening party (!) The timing of all of this is interesting. This collection has never left my nest and now it sits in Canvas Interiors full of flowers. Almost as if the collecting by my younger self was leading to this Canvas Interiors moment. 

My passions and creative energy helped me create my nest on a budget when I was just starting out in my 20's in LA.  My current 'wiser' self is still nesting and looking forward to a flea market score of more... you guessed it... white pottery.  

The message here: stay true to your style, your creativity and your resourcefulness no matter what the budget.  From a $20 white vase to my beloved white Tee's to now Canvas Interiors, white and light has always been how I express my style. It is fun to look back see my past self informing my future self. Long ago collected pieces sitting in a new venture, our 3rd Canvas Interiors location.

Deep thoughts for a Thursday. 

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