My little home office is tucked away in a separate hideaway from the house which is lovely when the saws and jackhammers are running inside the house. The last couple of days have seen a whirlwind of activity including the temporary wall coming down at the end of the day yesterday. Which has made it slightly difficult to slip away to blog as I've needed to be present for on the fly decisions and oh ya, the kids and their homework. 

I'm popping in to my little haven for a quick blog post and then back to the chaos for more decision making and on the fly stuff. Crews are tap dancing around each other today and the energy feels great.

Below are a few before/afters... excuse the random lighting...

L to R: 
1.  standing in the new space, facing back in to the kitchen - this gold colored wall was the outside of the house 2.  same view looking at the temporary wall 3. last night at dinner time the temporary wall came down! 

L / R
1. inside the house our lovely temporary wall awaits demolition  2.  SHAZAMMM! new space open to the kitchen (ps: new marble island top coming next week)

L to R:
1. in the beginning there was a cozy breakfast nook  2. yesterday there was nothing  3. today there are kitchen cabinets taking the place of the nook because we now have room for a big table. Yipee!

There is still much to do but I can finally see the light. Literally!

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