Sharing some new arrivals today from Canvas Interiors. Can't believe I got that excited about picking out new pillows but I did.  And our new hides and horns are proving quite the popular addition to the mix. We have a blonde hide at home in our dining room so it just seemed fitting to add some to the Canvas Interiors  floor. 

The store truly is a reflection of how we live at home. Hopefully that translates to something you can relate to.  A lot of what we love and find organically for our own home ends up in the Canvas Interiors mix. 

And... we are headed to our new Winter Park location today to start planning the floor for our upcoming new store.  Stay tuned for more...


Fun times Chez K. Oh and the hardwood floor is going in today in our home addition. The temporary wall in our kitchen comes down tomorrow!, plaster dust, contractors, decisions, questions, more decisions... I need to go sit down.

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