I am having a little love affair with Oregon Pinot Gris. This would naturally translate to my curiosity about these cans:

These little cans, made by Union Wine Company (just outside of Portland) are a sure sign that these people are thinking differently. You can read more about their founding philosophy on their website listed below. I especially like the "Pinkies Down" aspect of their personality. As in: leave the snobby wine thing behind and enjoy a great, well priced wine.

I saw their tasting truck on Remodelista and had to explore further. It is a 1972 restored Citroen H Van. These folks not only have a great sense of graphic design, they have a very cool truck. A bar on wheels. If you live in Portland the truck will be at 33rd and Division St. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evenings starting in mid July (thank you Remodelista for the info).

The good news for those of us living very far away from Portland? We can order these and other Union Wine Co. wines online. I will be ordering my cans online asap and drinking them with my pinky down. 


Union Wine Co. website: here

Underwood Pinot in a can order form: here

Remodelista article: here

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