Rather than spread pictures out here and there around the house I prefer to group them. Maybe it is my way of compartmentalizing life therefore feeling more organized? (deep thoughts I know).  Mostly I just like the visual impact of a group of similar yet different items. 

The great part of this concept for me is that it is an ongoing creative project. I keep my eye out for images I can add to the wall. It is something that will organically grow when the right art presents itself.  I like the hunt (flea markets are my favorite thing in the world) so to have a collection to curate fits right in with that part of my DNA. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy or well known. I just have to love it. Which makes the whole thing more meaningful. 

Here is our little salon dining area.  A little sparse to start but I have to love it for it to go on the wall. So we take our time. Some pieces are photography I purchased during my 1st life an Art Buyer. Early on I was making very little money but had access to talented and very nice photographers.  Some pieces my Mom has sent me from our childhood home. Some old, some new. Paintings, drawings, vintage book pages.  This mix of genres and memories makes me happy. 

The goal for me is to make it feel full but not too full. Different but not too disjointed. Isn't that going to be fun?  I love a challenge. 

ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE ART: (getty images art prints)

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