I know I have been posting lately about new things arriving in my closet but to paint a true picture I should also share the 'finds'.  I am a high/low shopper. I just found the most perfect summer pant at Old Navy. Throw them on with an LA Made tank top (my favorites) and my Stuart Weitzman 'McChain' (sadly sold out and believe me I have been searching for more) sandals and I am a happy camper.  Stuart and Old Navy living together seamlessly.

Add to that an H & M hat and some gorgeous jewelry from my talented friends at loot and I feel like a million bucks in my $29 pants, $10 hat and $42 tank.  I'll leave the shoes out of the math as they are clearly the 'splurge' but I've been wearing them non stop for two summers so I think I am getting my money's worth as they head in to summer #3.

Mr K stacked my hats like this yesterday with a chuckle.  He thinks I am slightly crazy. 

These are the gorgeous 'loot' jewelry necklaces I have been reaching for daily. 

The Old Navy pants are my 'slightly obsessed' item of the week.  
Much less expensive than most others probably because they are a linen 'blend' 
but they are extremely comfortable and fit perfectly. 

The rest:

happy Monday and happy shopping!

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