Canvas Interiors: we have a dark side

Popping in to share a some images that have got us thinking about Father's Day at Canvas Interiors... 

While we show a lot of white light and beachy, we also have a part of the store we affectionately call 'Manvas'.  This is where we play with the more masculine side of the brand.  

Darker colors, cozy man-den stuff.  Card games and whiskey kind of vibe.  

Gray and cozy

Reclaimed wood and metal

a little rusty and imperfect

rust and leather

petrified wood

reclaimed wood

zinc and nautical

What better time of year to show you a bit of  'Manvas' than Father's Day.  
I do hope you have enjoyed seeing Canvas Interiors' other personality.  

To see more,  you can check out the Canvas Interiors website here 
where you will also find a link to our catalog.

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