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I am sharing a very wonderful blog with you today. An old friend and colleague, Wendy Withers, created and recently revamped the design of... GirlCrush.  It is so insightful, beautiful and wonderful to read about the women she features on her blog. Featuring women from all walks of life, Wendy interviews them and provides insight into their world and how they got there.

Please follow this link to GC stories and discover Wendy's perspective. It is so very Wendy and so very cool. I love the concept and it really is a fantastic read. 

And then be sure to check out Wendy's blog, or journal. It will make you laugh out loud - her candor and sense of humor are so original, and so very funny. Mom's, lots of funny material here... seriously good stuff from the day to day life of a wonderfully original person.

The new site design is perfect Wendy. 
It is so you - and so nice. 
XO from me to you.

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