The last few days have been a whirlwind of appointments and commitments and a travelling Mr. K which makes for busy times chez K.  After the little K's were in bed last night I needed a quiet respit. So the first place I turned was to KINFOLK magazine. Always a pleasure. If you haven't checked it out you should.  It is always beautiful and inspiring.

Which is where I found florist Sarah Winward of  'Honey of a Thousand Flowers'

I love the simple beauty of her arrangements. A casual, slightly messy and gorgeous interpretation of the typical 'wedding' flowers. Her work is refreshingly simple yet stunning. If you are planning a summer wedding you will find lots of inspiration here.  If you are planning a backyard dinner party you will no doubt be inspired by these images.  I know I am...  


This was just what I needed to look at last night.
 And by the light of day, looking at these images again they are even more impressive and inspiring. 
I'm headed to Whole Foods to buy some fresh flowers.  

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  1. Very beautiful flower. I like it very much... Like your blog.


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