refresh: Pamela Pierce style

I have talked to a few people in the last few months who are saying similar things. That they are ready to lighten up their surroundings. Refresh their interiors. Breath some lightness into things by painting white and starting again with lighter decor. Pamela Pierce did just that as you may have already seen in the April issue of Veranda magazine.

Pamela Pierce was ready to update, edit and reinvigorate her 1926 Houston home.

I can safely say I love this version of Pamela's house.  Serene, fresh, light.  

Off came the gathered skirts from the furniture, in came a mix of clean contemporary lines with antiques.  Antlers, a Frank Gehry chair and white linen slipcovers live together seamlessly. Well curated yet relaxed.  In my book that is a perfect balance.  

I am not one to be all 'salesy' about the store and I don't talk about it too often here (see FAQ's). But when I see a home like this that is a total expression of our philosophy I just have to share a bit about why we are so excited about Canvas Interiors. When I see incredibly talented people designing spaces like this, I truly get excited. 

This eclectic mix is one of the core concepts of how Canvas Interiors began.  The base idea started with white slipcovers and an eclectic mix of decor. The slipcovers are the casual anchor around which you can do just about anything. And there is no need to be afraid of slipcovers - pick a washable fabric and it is a lot easier to live with than having upholstery cleaned. As notes Pamela Pierce which I wholeheartedly applaud! 

Well done Pamela. I admire your desire to change and refresh and your home looks beautiful.
Your clients are lucky to have you. 

You can see more of Pamela's work on her website here.

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