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I've been doing a little house cleaning today, both literally and figuratively. Switching gears between the blog, the littles, the store, the store website, and my visiting and wonderful Mum.  Busy times here chez K.  A little late to the blog today but thought I would share a bit about Canvas Interiors... its been a while since I've done that.

I've been working on a few mood boards for the Canvas Interiors website so I thought I would post a late afternoon tidbit with you here:

We are working on putting together a few looks so you can see how all the pieces work together. We are SO looking forward to getting the website launched. Hope you like what you see here... in the meantime I'll be working on more mood boards for the site to reflect some of the collections we have created.

One of the looks we are currently having fun with is "Manvas".  My affectionate term for the parts of canvas that are a bit more masculine, a tad darker and even a touch moody. I am loving mixing these pieces with white - the challenge is to keep it fresh and not too 'one note' if you know what I mean.  

Thanks for stopping in. If you see anything you like here, you can email the store at or check out the store facebook page here and like for product arrival updates. 

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