dream house Cali style

I think I just found the plan for my dream beach house.  This one is in Stinson beach so of course it immediately scores as close to my heart. I just happened upon it not knowing its location. It never fails that the thing that catches my eye is usually the one that ends up being true to my heart.  Stinson beach is one of those places. 

Simple, well thought out and just the right amount of space. I love the "H" design with the center portion of the house for living both indoors and out.  The outdoor deck is an extension of the living room for the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience.  

To read more about this Stinson beach home look at architectural firm Butler Armsden's site.

There you will find a little story about the lot (purchased by a family in the '50's but not built on until the '80's).  You will also read a little about the inspiration for the house and learn more about its construction.  Not to mention all the other fabulous projects in their portfolio.  Very inspiring work.  

Enjoy this California dream.  I sure do. 
This post inspires me to start a new Pinterest board called 
'my someday beach house' 
and these will be the first pins.   

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