Tuesday's girl

Hello!  The day is moving along and I am just now getting a post up. I do try to have fresh things up by 9am but lately it seems to happen later in the day. I started to feel a little stress about that, and then realized that when I rush I don't enjoy this process as much. I always want to stay in the headspace of pure creativity, and not 'deadline' while working on this blog. I worked in advertising for 20 years in heavy deadline mode and I am trying to remember I don't have to put that kind of pressure on myself when creating this blog.  Phew. 

I guess what I am trying to say, is thank you for reading. Thank you for checking in. I hope its ok if new posts hit the wires a little later some days than others. I enjoy this process and I hope you enjoy reading ... even if it is later in the day. 

Here are a few images catching my eye this week... 

Here are a few shopping links... I know, lots of shopping this week and no, I don't shop this much but you never know when you see something you simply must have. I would be remiss if I shared images with you and didn't at least source a few links for you right?

So if you have the urge...

And thank you again for reading... I really do hope you enjoy.

images collected: here

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