all I want to do: is buy Sheryl Crow's house

Today's imaginary real estate purchase is Sheryl Crow's home in the Hollywood Hills. It boasts 3 houses set on 11 acres and has hiking trails, a gorgeous pool and endless views. The main 4 bedroom house is Spanish Revival (my all time favorite) built in 1924 with original Spanish tiles and beamed ceilings. Also on the property is a 3 bedroom Craftsman home built in 1909, and a 2 bedroom cottage built in 1885.

In my imagination, a family started in 1885 with the cottage and as their wealth increased they built the Craftsman and finally the main house in 1924. I am slightly obsessed with this property and would love to know more of its history.

A quick tour of the grounds and each of the 3 houses:

The main house

The cottage

The Craftsman

the view from the pool doesn't disappoint

Now step inside the main house...

Fantasy:  Buy this house site unseen, pack up and move to the Hollywood Hills, 
jump in the pool and take a long deep breath.  


I highly encourage you to look at the MLS listing and listen to the music as the slideshow plays. I just did it twice. There are many more images to see including the inside of the Craftsman and Cottage. Clearly Sheryl has an eye for history and has been to a few flea markets.  

Girl after my own heart. Maybe she'd cut me a deal?  

Incase you are wondering, Ms. Crow is asking: $15,950,000

images from AD and MLS listing 

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