sylist Kate Horsman's condo

Sunday morning reading this weekend started with coffee in a pink Pantone mug (blossom 1767)... 

...and a tour of stylist Kate Horsman's beach-inspired city (Vancouver) condo. She saw it while looking through the real estate listings on a Sunday night and by 2pm the next day she had her offer in. The previous owner had headed in the decor direction of 'Italian villa".  After applying lots of white paint and a casual beach-luxe vibe, she successfully made a U-turn from Italy and ended up on the beach.

Natural elements like crystals and shells add the luxe sparkle while the whole space stays grounded in organic elements such as the reclaimed wood table a friend helped her design and build. The space glows with light and an uncomplicated sophistication. Ghost chairs and contemporary sofa add a touch of city while the shell chandelier and driftwood bring in a subtle natural vibe. All in all, a beautiful and serene city escape.

Oh, and I do love the dress.  


  1. Oh dreamy condo! This is what I love! So much inspiration photos here... sigh... If only I have a beautiful place like this. I could spend all day in here and not have to go to work! :)

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