spotlight: honestly wtf?

I have an eye for a certain look, or style. Whether it be what is presented here on the blog or how I dress or how the store looks.  It is a style that has evolved over time with many experiments along the way. Where I find myself these days is firmly planted in what I know works for me and makes my heart happy. That said, the evolution of personal style is a fascinating journey and one that I have always embraced. Which is why I love reading this blog...

I love the content, I love the way it is organized and the way it is presented. These girls are doing a fantastic job and I find inspiration every time I visit. Which fuels the style journey.

 Not to mention the name of the blog makes me smile every time. 

Beautiful photography, up to the minute fashion trends, DIY projects (the bracelets above) and more.
They have it all covered, well organized and it all makes for a great read.
You can check out this fabulous blog... 


honestly wtf header and all images: honestly wtf


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