spotlight: could i have that?

Lately I have realized that I have not had time to do what got me inspired to start this blog in the first place...  read other blogs.  I can't tell you the last time I spent time casually meandering around the web waves and actually reading another blog.

There are so many fabulous and creative people writing and producing great work in this format.  I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites from time to time as a way to get my creative juices flowing again and also for you to hopefully discover new things.

One of the favorites that I list on the sidebar of my blog is Samantha Hutchinson's could i have that?

She lives in Santa Barbara and has an easy breezy way about her posts. Visiting her world gives me a little spring in my step and some great ideas on how to mix and match existing pieces in my closet.  She has also started some video stuff which I love. Samantha has a great eye and fabulous style.  

images by: arna bee 

You can check out her lovely blog 


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