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There are so many things to share about the Bay Area but today I will focus on Mill Valley. I just got back from a fantastic weekend with my westies and spent time wandering in downtown Mill Valley exploring. It is an eclectic and always inspiring group of stores, cafes and restaurants.  Always a pleasure to pop into the shops and wander aimlessly.  So here's a little tour.

Just simply walking with no destination yields many finds.

Or stroll to the Depot  for a latte and organic scramble...

...grab some stems at the Mill Valley Market to brighten the day

Pop into baby & kids company for unique books, toys and clothes.

...or find a fantastic fit at  the Blues Jean Bar. This place openend on Union St. right before I moved to FLA and they are the most helpful at finding the right fit for you. It is great to know there is one in Mill Valley. A large selection and well edited styles makes trying on jeans a pleasure.

A stop at the store always yields something fun. I always seem to find a little goodie and lots of smiles in this store.

This place is new to me, Mint.  What a breath of fresh air it was. There was so much to see, and all of it displayed with care and an impeccable eye. 

And the last stop on the tour is another new one (to me). In the charming former space of Maison Reve is  showroom.

This store was such a treat I went back three times. The owners are both lovely and clearly creative  thinkers. Original artwork of one of the owners is displayed nicely above the clothing racks for a touch of home. And in talking to the other owner we discovered we both grew up in Toronto. Which is always a fun discovery for me. Their eye is on trend and well edited. The store has a very welcoming vibe.  These ladies have done a great job in creating what is obviously a well thought out collection.  I had a hard time choosing but the Clare Vivier clutch kept jumping out at me... 

These two beauties made it into my suitcase... thank you showroom for stocking such amazing choices!  

check out the showroom's facebook page and like! 

I can't wait to head back to MV.  
To my westies (besties in the west), thanks for a perfect weekend.

ps: KJ - keep painting :)

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