totally random: on pinning

I have a confession - I have been avidly pinning for some time now.  But I have to say, the last few weeks I have kind of burnt out. Don't get me wrong, I love spending long caffinated tangents getting happily lost in image-land. But I'm starting to see the same pins over and over again.  And I feel like the charm has sort of worn off - just a bit.  But then, something happened...

I would like to thank the following pinners for having such wonderful pins it jolted me out of my pinning funk.

Em C  

zoe @ oceana island living 

I got that feeling again. That excited breathy feeling when you first find a few people on pinterest that share your aesthetic and you can't click through their pins fast enough.  I know, sad right?  But seriously, these two pinners got me excited, re-energized and best of all, happy.

Thank you Em C and Zoe!  
Check out their pins and have a happy pinning day.

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