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I have had a quiet fascination with EmersonMade (Emerson Fry) since 2009 when I read about her beautiful hand made flower pins. She lives on a farm in New Hampshire and runs her business out of an old brick mill.

Every now and then she pops up in blog land and I read about her progress from beautiful flower accessories designer to full-on fabulous clothing designer.  So rather than watch quietly from the sidelines, I thought I would share her label with you. Last week I shared this denim shirt from this post.

I am slightly obsessed with it but it is not available anymore... but I digress. 

Lets go back to the handmade flowers she started making for herself.  Women on the streets of NYC asked where to get them so she started to sell them online (Shauna are you reading?).

Fast forward to today and she has launched a clothing line, a few images of Spring 2012 below:

Check out her website here.  The site is engaging and cool,  as it seems Emerson must be.  Partnered with her husband, they have created a brand that has grown quickly in the last few years.  It is inspiring in many ways... creativity, self expression, and 'hubby teamwork' turning into a brand that works.  

I love the clean simple ideas she presents and the way in which it is presented.  
 It all feels like jcrew's slightly edgy cousin.  
Tomorrow I will bring you images of her home.  
Yes, I am slightly obsessed.  

images found: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5-9

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