hotel California

Sometimes a change of place turns out to be a simple pleasure. The anticipation of a trip whether far flung or close to home is exciting.  The hustle of packing, driving or flying is a whirlwind.  You arrive ... and then there is that moment where you take a deep breath and let your brain really process the fact that you are away.  Crisp hotel sheets, cushy robes and a mini bar ... even just for one night... to me is a a little slice of pleasure.  

While the Hotel Bel Air is not really 'simple' in price tag, this photography felt peaceful and airy and and quiet so I thought I would share the images with you.

This landmark hotel has just emerged from a 2 year renovation and looks lovely.  Next time I am in LA I intend to stop in for lunch.  Or dinner.  Or maybe even an overnight if I am feeling flush.  

It is amazing what a quick getaway can do for the soul.  
Do you have a favorite spot?  
Share your favorite 'run away from home spot' below and inspire each other to find new places.

images by: Rebecca Adler

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