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Continuing with the summer theme, I will share my love of the outdoor shower.  We use ours pretty much every day in the summer.  The kids jump out of the pool, we soap them up, hose them off and voila! Clean kids even before dinner starts. It is fun, it is easy, and once the kids are in bed and twilight arrives yours truly loves a nice long outdoor spritz.  It is a little taste of vacation in your own backyard. 

Here are a few below, from fancy to basic.

this is a pool house in Beverly Hills.  Oh my, I could move in to the pool house thank you

here is the the shower in the pool house...
what a delight this must be after a rough day in the 90210

this one is light and white with clean lines and seamless indoor/outdoor use

This one is interesting, on a second floor outdoor balcony

some bamboo, a shower head and a bench are all you really need

this one is so organic right beside a forest and giant rock

this one ties into the bathroom plumbing on the other side of the wall -
a plumber and a towel is all you need to get started

a former light well in an old San Francisco victorian serves as an outdoor shower
A slice of nature in the city.

I highly recommend the addition of a shower to your outdoor living.
It changes your outlook at the end of a long hot day.
Take a glass of wine outside, have a dip in the pool
and a nice long shower at dusk.
A simple pleasure.

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