spring has almost sprung...

Spring is fast approaching here in FLA.  So while we are still a little chilly and clinging to our last days of sweaters and riding boots, I can start to imagine the feel of a floaty dress.

I have two 'go-to's for slightly fancy dresses.  Although some might find BCBG a tad pedestrian, I love it.  I always find something special, the line fits me well and most importantly - I feel good wearing it.  You have to edit the throngs of dresses they make to find the gems, but I always find just the right thing.  And the runway collection (below) is beautiful.

Loving the relaxed silhouette and neck lines of these...

I think the blue maxi needs to come with me on our next trip to Harbour Island.

And on a side note, why don't these girls smile? Even just a little.
This aspect of the runway always cracks me up.

My other go - to for comfort is Adam.  I love his spring looks and if I am going to do any trend this spring I'm thinking it will be flowers.  I am drawn to the big plump ones seen below.  I am also loving the black bird dress for its knee-length simple chic vibe. 

all images found: here

happy shopping!

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