let there be white

Tine K Home has been on my radar for a few months.  It is a very cool home decor line that has been catching my eye as a fit for canvas interiors.  I came across this first image and started digging.  I'm guessing you may have seen it, and/or her home but if not, this is it...  It is on the island of Funen in Denmark.  Built in 1834, Tine Kjeldsen and her husband spent 6 years renovating it to perfection.  

found: here

It is a beautiful example of how to mix a white backdrop with eclectic treasures, warm woods, texture and contrast.   She has an amazing eye for the beauty of white and all that can be done when you start with a simple canvas.  

The space glows with freshness.  If you look for images of her home, you see how she moves things around for a new look. You will see some differences between the images above, and the ones I reference below.  Another benefit of keeping things simple... you can have a whimsical moment and move the sofa to a different wall, grab a new pillow color and presto-chango. New vibe.  

You can see more of her fabulous home in the current issue of EST magazine

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