Things 'round here are moving at a brisk pace to say the least. Back-to-back events at Canvas Interiors are adding up to be a whirlwind of excitement. The dust has not had time to settle. We'll dust later. 

This weekend in these parts is an antique lovers dream.  There is the massive Rennigers flea market Extravaganza (Sunday I will be running away from home with a wad of cash), and the Orlando Museum of Art Antiques Vintage & Garden Show.  The best part of this one is the sweet and lovely India Hicks is the guest speaker and we will be doing a pop up shop both at the Museum before her book talk, and afterwards at Canvas in the afternoon. We will be a mobile pop up shop running around town with a car full of loot. 

I am so looking forward to seeing her. Inspiring, talented, funny, and downright special she is. She gives me energy if that is possible. I'd like her to bottle it actually.

Here are some of my favorites including the new Riviera collection just below:

And this trio was just introduced yesterday.  Extraordinary Oil, Lovely Lips lip balm and a new candle scent, The Grove.  I am a lip balm junkie so I  hope she arrives with a sample in her bag of tricks. 

Be it hanging out on an island or running through the streets of London, India truly has created  a lifestyle brand.

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