We have a lot going on this week at Canvas Interiors and in addition to the Summer Sale we are excited to donate to a great cause during the month of July.  This is an opportunity for us to give back to a cause very close to our hearts.  

During the month of July, 5% of all of our Lee Industries sales will be donated to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.  

My sweet, talented, funny, wonderful nephew Conor will benefit from the research and efforts of this amazing organization. This is yours truly snuggling with Conor 12 years ago.  My sister just sent me this photo the other day as Conor was looking through his photo albums. I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Hard to believe he is 13. 

Conor has endured 3 open heart surgeries and countless doctors appointments. He is a strong and creative 13 year old. He is a great chef and someday dreams of opening a restaurant. He is awesome. 

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