Back in the day when I worked full time in ad-land, we had 'summer Fridays' and even 'summer hours'. Both involved a shorter work day. Which was funny because we worked til 10pm most other days.

I am definately putting myself on my own summer clock these days and I have to say it is rather nice. Sometimes slowing down makes more room for creativity. Hard to do when you are a deadline driven producer type. Uh huh. 

I'm playing with some fun and inspiring things like marketing for Canvas Interiors, helping a friend with some creative stuff and thinking about new paths for the blog. I'm working on some India Hicks event ideas for the store. Oddly, keeping summer hours is allowing me to have a few things going all at once.  I'm percolating and creating.  In bare feet I might add. 

Here is a quick peek at our trip to Harbour Island last week. Years of memories for us continue forward now for our littles. That is a beautiful thing. 

PS: upper right - that is a Goombay Smash in a Tervis which matches my India Hicks Flamingo tassel  perfectly don't you think? 

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  1. oh man. summer fridays... those were the days...can i have another...?


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