I am completely immersed in searching for garden gate ideas as we lean in to a small reno chez K. We have a decent sized porch off of the master bedroom that is never used (Florida = mosquitos) and we are getting ready to enclose it and turn it in to a little master suite office/den.

Outside this porch there is a small area that is a lost lonely space. Leave it to my Mom (she is really good at this stuff) to figure out how to reconfigure the fence and claim that little patch of dirt as a proper garden area. This mini-reno is going to change the whole feeling of the bedroom from the inside out.  Imagine looking out the window at a little secret garden. Which brings me to fences and gates. The gate on the bottom left is the one. Practically the same paint colors as our house and just the style I was looking for. 

This is going to be fun. Oh and did I mention I have envisioned exactly that pool cabana situation since we moved in to this house? Fireplace in the middle, same colors, same layout - seriously just what I had in mind. I am so excited by these images. 

Get ready Mr. K. My wheels are turning.  

beautiful images by Ann Stratton for Milieu Magazine 

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